Summer-Season is upon us at the farm here at Anuhea Flowers and that means the larger protea flowers are most certainly in their “off-season” blooming period. This means that our King and Mink protea varieties in particular are only popping a few harvestable blooms every week (if any) and are no longer blooming in volume. We have several different pincushion varieties in our fields and have purposefully planted them so we can get blooms year round, but again, not all varieties are available all year, hence the seasonality of them. When you order your arrangements and gift boxes, you can be sure you’ll get some pincushion protea in each order but the king and mink protea are only included if they happen to be in that morning’s harvest. We are even finally getting a few of our summer-blooming Banksia protea varieties (which we have very few plants of), so you may get some extra special surprises in with the gorgeous tropical flower varieties from our sister farms in Ha’iku and Hana.

Because flower production winds down in the summertime, we sell out quickly and early in the week, so please try and make your orders at least 1-2 weeks in advance, particularly if you have special requests or would like customization. This helps us know when to sell out for the week and we will more likely be able to accommodate your needs and communicate realistic delivery timelines. As always, we do our best to accommodate next/same day orders as we are able.

We will also only shipping Monday-Wednesday through the summer. Monday-Tuesday is to central and eastern U.S. and Monday-Wednesday is to HI and West Coast locations. Reducing shipping days will allow us more time to tend to major field and business projects and care for the plants to prepare for busy season. We are closed Friday-Sunday. 4 to 5 day a week shipping will resume in October most likely, but will depend on several factors so stay tuned for updated announcements. Of course, you can always call and we can see if we are able to accommodate other ship days but it is all based on the harvest yield and we, of course, know last minute things come up that can’t be anticipated, especially memorial services and bereavement gifts so we will do our best if can.
We will be closed the week of 7/4-7/10/22 for all shipping and deliveries. We apologize for any inconvenience but can get any orders needed out the week before and upon our return. Feel free to review our Shipping Information, here.
We truly appreciate your support of our small, family business. We are a small operation with big heart and we love sharing our flowers and passion with you. We appreciate that you still choose to support small business during these unprecedented times.
With warmest Aloha,
Emily & Tasha