Summer is upon us at the farm here at Anuhea Flowers and that means the protea are most certainly in their “off-season” blooming period. This means that our King and Mink protea varieties in particular are only popping a few harvestable blooms every week (if any) and are no longer blooming in volume. We have several different pincushion varieties in our fields and have purposefully planted them so we can get blooms year round, but again, not all varieties are available all year, hence the seasonality of them. When you order your arrangements and gift boxes, you can be sure you’ll get some pincushion protea in each order but the king and mink protea are only included if they happen to be in that morning’s harvest.

Aside from being off-season, we also start to deal with drought conditions in the summer here on Maui so getting premium length stems becomes more difficult. We get more of an “abundance” (if you can even really say that in the summer) of our standard (medium length) and short stems this time of year. This is why we have removed the 20 Long Stem Gift Box and Farmer’s Market Fresh arrangement from the website until our high season returns…it is just too difficult to find the amount of flowers needed for these products and we of course want to make sure you’re getting the best quality we have to offer. You can still order the premium 8 and 12 Long Stem Gift Boxes and our staple arrangements like the Maui Gem (it’s finally back!!) and the Signature Tradewind Basket. The look of these, of course, change with the season and we supplement with gorgeous, freshly harvested tropicals.

Since the medium and short length stems are more common in our daily harvests, we are running a special on a 10 Stem, Grower’s Bunch 2021“Summer Surprise” Gift Box as well as the Taste of the Tropics Gift Box with Vase. check it out and order yours today! We are always happy to discuss special order requests and customize something to your budget. We have some ranges available to order conveniently online but if you need to further adjust standard budget options, give us a call and we can discuss possibilities. Of course, if you have your heart set on a 20 Stem or Farmer’s Market Fresh, we will certainly do it for you if we happen to have enough premium length flowers to create it, but you’ll need to call and place a phone order as you won’t be able to order those “Out of Stock” items from the website.

Because flower production winds down in the summertime, we sell out quickly and early in the week, so please try and make your orders at least 1-2 weeks in advance, particularly if you have special requests or would like customization. This helps us know when to sell out for the week and we will more likely be able to accommodate your needs. As always, we do our best to accommodate next/same day orders as we are able.

We will also only shipping Monday-Wednesday starting the week of July 12, 2021. Reducing shipping days will allow us more time to tend to major field and business projects and care for the plants to prepare for busy season. 4 to 5 day a week shipping will resume in October most likely. Of course, you can always call and we can see if we are able to accommodate other ship days but it is all based on the harvest yield and we, of course, know last minute things come up that can’t be anticipated, especially memorial services and bereavement gifts so we will do our best if can. Feel free to review our Shipping Information, here.
We truly appreciate your support of our small, family business (as always, but particularly now due to the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the level of stress that is still putting on everyone). We are a small operation with big heart and we love sharing our flowers and passion with you.
With warmest Aloha,
Emily & Tasha