Frequently Asked Questions


Yes!  We will send you an email confirmation that your order has been received.  We will also send you a ship notification email once your order ships with the FedEx Tracking Number.

We use FedEx shipping services and they will normally leave the package at the delivery destination unless you note otherwise.

While we are working on the farm on most weekends, we do not ship on Saturdays or Sundays because there is no FedEx pick up on Saturday or Sunday here in Hawaii. However, Saturday delivery is available for most zip codes during our peak season (November-May). If you’re needing Saturday delivery outside of peak season (June-October) please, contact us to make special arrangements for an additional fee. Depending on FedEx Operations, we may not recommend Saturday delivery.

FedEx does not guarantee timely deliveries due to operational, mechanical, and weather-related problems, nor deliveries turned over to subcontractors in remote areas. Therefore, Anuhea Flowers cannot guarantee these deliveries if it is beyond FedEx capability. We will do our best to honor requested delivery dates as long as it coincides with our business hours and the FedEx shipping schedule. For example, if requested to deliver a gift box on a Tuesday to Florida, it just doesn’t work since FedEx is closed on Sunday. The soonest we would be able to send that package would be Monday, to arrive on a Wednesday morning. There is always the option to send it early as well to arrive on either on the previous Friday or Saturday depending on the shipping schedule.

During holiday seasons, due to the high volume of orders we handle, we cannot guarantee next day shipping of your order. Anuhea will ship as soon as possible but encourages you to order well in advance of your requested ship date. All orders are harvested and made-to-order so we do not just put several ahead of time and set aside. We only ship the freshest and highest quality product so we do need advance planning.

Yes!  Once we ship the item(s),  you will receive a tracking number in your ship notification email and you will be able to track your order.

The Holidays

First, Happy Holidays!  Second, the holidays are a busy time of the year and this depends on where you’re shipping to and what you’ve ordered. Please see our shipping page for more details and specific “order by” dates for all our busier holidays. We suggest you order early and send earlier in the season. We get a lot of last minute orders and requests to deliver the week of Christmas and it’s best to send early so you can ensure you’re getting the best selection of flowers and don’t miss out because we sell out. The fields can only bloom and produce what they produce and as farmers we are at the mercy of nature (and nature doesn’t always care or get the memo about specific dates on the calendar ;)) Mahalo!

Placing Orders

Yes! We will send you an email confirmation that your order has been received.  We will also send you a ship notification email once your order ships with the FedEx Tracking Number.

King, Minks, Banskia, and Pincushion protea are seasonal flowers and only bloom in volume certain times of year. Please see our advisory below for more details:

*Flower Advisory: Our King and Mink protea bloom in limited quantities during certain times of year, especially March-September. However, due to a variety of weather conditions, blooms may be limited year round. We may need to supplement the flower selection. We will be adding beautiful tropical flowers in the gift boxes throughout the year based on seasonal availability. If we have the kings and minks, we will certainly add them into the gift boxes. Tropical substitutions will include lovely varieties such as Pink Ginger, Red Ginger, beehives, heliconia, barbados, bird of paradise, tropic fleurs, and green ice. We will also sub other or more varieties of protea when available. Pincushions will bloom year round, but not every variety and color so we will only include what is in season at the time and may not be able to accommodate certain variety or color requests depending on the time of year. 

IF you are flexible in the delivery date and would like only protea, please make a note in the “Order Notes” section and we will hold the order until we are able to fill it. If you aren’t flexible with the delivery date, you can still make a note in the “Order Notes” section of the order form that you would like a king, mink, etc. and we will flag it and do our best to fulfill your request but, again, it all depends on that day’s harvest and the timing of when you need it shipped out to arrive on the requested date.

Holiday times: When we are getting a high influx of orders in line with special occasion holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day, even if the Kings and Minks happen to be in season, due to the sheer volume of orders we sometimes have to supplement tropical flowers in the orders. We suggest you order early and send at the beginning of a holiday season or week in order to ensure that you get the best selection of flowers. If everyone is ordering in one week and all want it to arrive on a Thursday, our Tuesday/Wednesday harvest of that week will most likely not be able to accommodate every order getting kings and minks because our fields can only produce what they produce on a daily and weekly basis. Mahalo for your understanding! Never hesitate to communicate your special requests and again we will do our best to accommodate and appreciate your understanding that as farmers, we are at the mercy of nature and can do our best to coax blooms but sometimes they don’t get the memo that a holiday is that particular week.;)

General Questions

Anuhea Farm is located at the 2,300 foot level on the slopes of Haleakala Crater up Olinda Road above Makawao town on the island of Maui, Hawaii. The farm consists of 12 planted acres. We are not currently open to the public to visit or purchase flowers, unless arranged ahead of time by appointment. Please email to inquire. Farm tours are not currently offered but we hope to offer them soon; check back!

You can shop Anuhea Flowers a number of ways. To buy online with your American Express, Discover Card, Visa or MasterCard, you can add your desired items to a shopping cart by clicking the ‘add to cart’ buttons on the Shop page and throughout the site and use our secure e-commerce features to check out.

If you prefer to buy from us offline, you may order Anuhea Flowers by calling our farm at 808-572-6877. Thank you!

An Agriculture Inspection Fee ranging from $8.00-50.00 will be applied to all orders being shipped to California. The fee amount will depend on the size of the order. The State of California requires all flowers and foliage being imported into their state to be inspected and free of any pests, spores, or other potentially detrimental or noxious organic material that would pose harm to their state economy and agriculture industry. While we take care to ensure all the flowers and foliage that leave our farm are clean and meet premium standards, we are required by law to ensure we go through every petal, leave, stem, brack, etc. of our flowers and foliage, thus requiring expertise and extra time, thus the fee.

We are in compliance with all CDC and OSHA health and safety regulations and requirements. We are following the rules and mandates by outlined by our Federal and Local Governments. Being in agriculture and a business that primarily ships goods, we are allowed to be operational. Hygiene practices have been reviewed in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Social Distancing was an easy adjustment to make and we make sure work areas and harvesting zones are in place to ensure we are all at least 6 feet apart at all times and we have no more than 3 individuals working at the farm on a regualar basis and no more than 7 individuals working at the farm during the Mother’s Day holiday rush. Online and phone orders are typical operations as our farm is not accessible to the public. We have increased our daily and weekly cleaning routines to multiple times a day…we continue to wear gloves, wash hands constantly, and disinfect high-touch areas on the hour and tools and vehicles after each use. We believe that now, more than ever, we need to help spread Aloha in this time of uncertainty. While we all navigate the new normal, so as long as we can safely operate and FedEx is operating, we will remain open for business. We appreciate your support as a small, family owned-and-operated farm. We wish you Aloha and hope you and yours stay safe and well. Feel free to text or email with any questions. Mahalo!

FedEx does not guarantee timely deliveries due to operational, mechanical, and weather related problems, nor deliveries turned over to subcontractors in remote areas. Therefore, Anuhea Flowers cannot guarantee these deliveries if it is beyond FedEx capability.

Because our product is perishable, we have partnered with FedEx in order to get our product to you using their Priority Overnight shipping service. This means you can get your hand-harvested and hand-made gift boxes, arrangements, and wreaths to your door as quickly as possible from our farm! We of course cannot have control over what happens when they leave our farm in pristine condition and get caught in a delay due to operational, weather, or mechanical issues. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for damages. However, slight delays should not impact the freshness and longevity of your flowers. However, if there are major delays and your flowers are exposed to extreme heat or cold or the packaging becomes damaged and causes breakages of your flowers, we can always file a claim on your behalf as we will be as disappointed as you–it’s hard work getting those beautiful flowers out to you! There is no guarantee that FedEx will honor the claim if it’s related to operational, weather, or mechanical delays. If they do not honor it, we can discuss next steps with you because we, of course, want to do anything in our power to make things right. If FedEx does not honor a claim, we still have to pay the FedEx bill and have already expended the cost of labor and the product we’ve sent as well so we will certainly do what we can in order to rectify a situation that may arise but as a small business, we have some limitations.