Everyone loves this genuine hand-woven palm frond basket expertly crafted by Blake Komoda. There is no doubt you are sending a piece of Hawaii with the fresh green basket and beautiful colors of the flowers blending together to make a perfect picture. This arrangement is truly a living sculpture of Hawaiian tropical grace. The basket will dry to a soft brown to be kept for other uses, and we will fill it with as many flowers as we can fit inside.

Will arrive in a 12″x12″x12″ box.

Please refer to the following page for important holiday hours and holiday shipping information. Mahalo!

*April-September flower advisory: Our King and Mink protea bloom in limited quantities during this season, so we will be adding beautiful tropical flowers in the arrangements throughout the spring and summer months. If we have the kings and minks, we will certainly add them into the arrangements, however, for most of them, we will add tropicals until the kings are in season again. Tropicals will include lovely varieties such as Pink Ginger, Red Ginger, beehives, barbados, bird of paradise, tropic fleurs, and green ice.