Our “Pins of Paradise” Gift Box features 12 stunning, loose stem, pincushion protea blooms that are coming on in the fields in a bit more volume than other flowers at this time of year. In your order, you’ll receive a beautiful mix of whatever yields of that morning’s harvest on the day we ship out to you and may include pinks, yellows, oranges and reds–Farmer’s Choice! The flower assortment also comes with a selection of lovely greenery from the farm and you can arrange it all in your own vase (or vases!) to adorn your home or office. Your farm-fresh Maui flowers will arrive in a 27x8x6 gift box.

Our special offerings will run as long as we have the flowers to fill orders! So if you see a special you like, we encourage you to order before the harvest changes! 

Please refer to this page for important shipping information. Mahalo!