Our Maui Mix Seasonal Gift Box features long-stem blooms that are coming on in the fields in a bit more volume than other flowers. These specials will run as long as we have the flowers to fill orders! So if you see a mix you like, we encourage you to order before the harvest changes! Your farm-fresh Maui flowers will arrive in a 24x6x6 gift box.

Every season can be so different for us farmers; this year we are getting a lot of mink varieties whereas last year we were lucky to get just a few! We want to share our excitement and this surprise bounty with you! For our November “Maui Mix” Seasonal Gift Box we are featuring these gorgeous mink* varieties along with some greenery from the farm that you can arrange yourself in a vase you have at home or in the office.

We will offer it as long as we are able to harvest them! Get yours soon!

*The mink varieties and combinations of varieties will vary with the daily harvest and can include whites and pinks.

Please refer to the following page for important holiday hours and holiday shipping information. Mahalo!