Due to extremely high demand and popularity, we ask that you please email to inquire regarding any remaining availability for our Grand Protea Wreath…the orders we have received at this point have put us at capacity but please call 808-572-6877 or email us at info@anuheaflowers.com to see if we can squeeze you in!


The holiday gift that truly makes a lasting impression. At 24 inches in diameter, our Grand Protea Wreath is the ultimate expression of the joyful bounty of the season! This size fits more Protea and brings a grand sense of holiday cheer to your door. This wreath is lovely, and uses many flowers as well as consumes many hours of preparation.

Please refer to the following page for important holiday hours and holiday shipping information. Mahalo!

*April-September flower advisory: Our King and Mink protea bloom in limited quantities during this season, so we will be supplementing larger head flowers such as seasonal banksia varieties throughout the spring and summer months. If we have the kings and minks we will certainly add them into the wreath, however, the combo and variety will have more banksia most likely. Please call for availability of flowers and make sure to allow the processing time mentioned below for wreath orders to ensure we are able to collect what we need to make a spectacular wreath. Mahalo!