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Anuhea Flowers is celebrating their birthday this month and what better way to celebrate than with an incredible protea gift box and delicious treats?! This Birthday Bash Gift Box comes with the precious King, Mink, and Banksia protea and an assortment of foliage to compliment these magnificent and unique blooms. The color and variety of each bloom will depend on the daily harvest; please allow your grower to make the selection of the day. We want to send along some tasty treats from SoReal Desserts with our Birthday Bash Specials as a thank you for your support. You’ll receive two SoReal Dessert Bars: Salted Caramel and Chocolate PB Coconut for FREE, as a gift from us. Your house, and taste buds, will be filled with Aloha!

Your hand-packed, farm-fresh Maui flowers and treats will arrive in a 28x7x6 gift box.

Made on Maui, SoReal healthy dessert bars are packed full of ingredients that are oh-so-good for you! Kati is a registered holistic nutritionist and personal trainer with a serious sweet tooth! She believes that true health comes with eating REAL food with no limitations. She wants to show the world that eating healthy does not mean deprivation, dieting or restriction, but instead means eating all real foods in moderation and enjoying them to the fullest! Eating healthy can be delicious and fun. She uses only the most nutrient-dense, delicious, pure ingredients that make your body and taste buds truly happy. You’ll love the way REAL feels! Check out Kati’s website for more information on her, her products, and mission. She’s also on Instagram; follower her @livesoreal.

SoReal healthy dessert bars are:

  • made from scratch in small batches all the way down to our chocolate topping
  • packed full of superfood and nutrient-dense ingredients. No junk. Period. 
  • made with as many Hawaiian-grown ingredients as possible.
  • does not require refrigeration, but is best enjoyed cool. Keeps up to 1 month at room temp (70 degrees or less), refrigerated for 3 months and frozen for 6 months.

Salted Caramel Bar Ingredients: Pecans, Gluten Free Oats*, Dates*, Coconut Oil*, Maple Syrup*, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt.* Caramel Center: Dates*, Vanilla, Coconut Oil*, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt.* Topping: Cacao Butter*, Raw Cacao Powder*, Raw Maui Honey*, Vanilla, Sea Salt.*

Chocolate PB Coconut Bar Ingredients: Gluten Free Oats*, Peanut Butter*, Maple Syrup*, Dates*, Coconut Oil*, Unsweetened Coconut Shreds*, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt*, Vanilla.

Topping: Cacao Butter*, Raw Cacao Powder*, Raw Maui Honey*, Vanilla, Sea Salt*, Unsweetened Coconut Shreds.

* Indicates Organic Ingredient

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