Protea Facts

ProteaFactsprotea-facts-main-photoProteas flourish on the slopes of Haleakala in upcountry Maui as though they were born out of the rich Hawaiian soil. Though Proteas are not native to Hawaii, they have become a large part of Hawaii’s exotic flower industry and an enduring symbol grace and hospitality. Anuhea Farm is located in Olinda at an elevation of 2,300 feet where the climate is very favorable for growing the finest Protea. The early mornings are abundant with clear, sunny blue skys and gentle breezes. Later on, the afternoon clouds build resulting in cool evening temperatures. Our Protea thrive in this perfectly balanced environment!There are many varieties, and Anuhea Flowers grows over 25 different varieties, but the most spectacular is the king protea. It is the largest of the flowers, with silvery pink petals surrounding a silver gray center. It is dramatic, colorful, long lasting and always impressive. The pink minks are silky and soft with black furry tips. This is also a favorite flower to be found in a gift box. There are other “mink” varieties in greens, softer pinks, and whites. The minks hold their long narrow shape even when in full bloom.

Protea is special, and it represents that which is different, exotic, much sought after. It evokes memories of Hawaii,and it tells the recipient nothing was left undone to send an extraordinary and flamboyant gift, Proteas suit any occasion:

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Protea Facts

The pincushions, of which there are many varieties, are a smaller flower in shades of orange, yellow, gold, red, salmon and carmel colors. When fully opened they are like a burst of fireworks. The vibrant colors and long lasting quality make it a great addition to a gift box with the kings and minks.

Add to this a lovely variety of greenery including the safari sunset, a deep magenta, and the kamellian, a chartreuse green, and other all green stems, and our Anuhea Flower gift boxes are a joy to behold when the recipient opens their gift box, unties the satin ribbon, and begins to unpack their protea stems.

How to Care for Protea

Protea need a substantial vase, deep and heavy because of the weight of the flowers. Carefully remove the flowers from the box in the direction of the head of the flower as the pin cushions are fragile. After removing the paper from each flower, cut the stems to the desired length, place in a very clean vase (preferably cleaned with Clorox) and add the fertilizer to the water.

Always remove the leaves below the water level, and add fresh clean water every few days. Changing the water twice a week and again cutting a little off the stems at each water change will increase the longevity of your Anuhea Flowers. protea-facts-photo2 To dry the flowers simply empty the water from the vase and allow the flowers to dehydrate. Or … hang the flowers upside down in a dark, cool, dry location.


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