Asparagus Farm Maui

Anuhea Farms AsparagusHistory of Anuhea Flowers Asparagus Production

Anuhea Flowers planted their first crop of protea flowers in 1994.  As the years went by we realized it would be a good idea to diversify our crop, which would enable us to employee our loyal and wonderful staff all year round.  Our grower, Bill Mertens, wanted a perennial crop so he didn’t have to replant every year.  He spoke with Maui Land and Pineapple Company as they had asparagus growing but were considering ripping it out.  Bill asked for and received roots, and he split those, and planted an experimental field of asparagus in 1998.

Bill set up a small test plot, about 1/10th of an acre and tried to figure out how to grow asparagus in Hawaii.  He finally had a harvest, and then …. What to do with it?  He pulled his truck into a parking lot near the Post Office, opened the back and sold everything immediately.  At that point, he knew he had a crop!


Anuhea Flowers Asparagus

He expanded by taking over the Maui Land and Pineapple fields and reviving them.  They grew fairly well, and eventually he expanded with more planting in the Olinda fields.  Quickly, it was obvious he needed even more land, and he took acreage in Kula, 10 acres, and

due to success of that crop, he took another 5 acres.  In addition he has now planted about 5 acres in Olinda.  And we are anxiously awaiting a first time harvest in these fields.

Asparagus Farm in Maui

When you come to Maui and have a chance to taste our asparagus, you will detect a difference in flavor depending on which field has been harvested.  There is a noticeable difference in taste between our Olinda and Kula asparagus fields.  You can eat our asparagus spears from tip to bottom with no grainy or stringy flavor near the end and can also be eaten raw.  You will find our asparagus sold at the small upcountry local supermarkets, many restaurants, and several major markets on Maui. 

Look for the Hawaiian girl holding our Anuhea Asparagus for a real vegetable treat for your home cooked Maui meal!Asparagus Anuhea Farm Hawaii


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